Engineered and co-produced by me. Go and buy if you know what’s good for you.


Chris James and Martin Flecther’s EP is here and ready for general consumption. I should say the finest harmonica player that I’ve ever heard, paired with intricate and soulful guitar picking. Physical CDs available, as well as digital. The 6 tracks were chosen to give a demo of their talents ahead of us finishing the album later this year.

It’s been an absolute joy to help with this and I hope you like it.

Tell all your friends. Stop strangers in the street and tell them too.

A little something I’ve been working on. Available to buy or stream soon.


Chris James & Martin Fletcher: a privilege to work with. Work on their album continues at the moment.


This was little video from one of the rehearsal sessions too.


Well, this is just lovely. What a producer, too.


Recorded on a Studer 24 track, mastered using a Neumann lathe.

Jonathan Wilson: a musical polymath.

I sold another one of these yesterday.

Seaside and Gulls on

Certainly my most popular sound effect (or would you call it a soundscape or stock media), another lucky downloader grabbed a copy of this yesterday from my collection on the Pond5 website.

Not only is it a sale, which makes me indecently happy, it also comes bundled with the reminder of an excellent holiday in the north west of Scotland, strolling through some of the most amazing landscape.

I bought the Elysia museq plug in – the sales are still on

With a reasonably favourable exchange rate, this Elysia museq turned out to be a genuine bargain. I mean, the Plugin Alliance is excellent anyway, but if you click on the days in the virtual advent calendar on the Plugin Alliance website, they’re taking substantial amounts of money off one piece of software for every day till Christmas Eve:

Having had a try of the museq on a mixture of sources, I’m already very very impressed. Perfect for mastering as well as mixing.


An exciting bit of SSL gear just in.

I’ve been testing this out today and it really is quite lovely. Blending in some extra harmonics with the twist of a dial? Tremendous.

If I can ever bear to part with this XLogic Alpha Channel and decide to sell it, I will of course let you know about any mates’ rates.


Prices updated; lots to be saved on audio mixing and mastering

All my recording, mixing and mastering rates are now updated and posted to the Prices section here. £30 per mix, £15 per mastered track, all with plenty of discounts for multiple items, be they songs or any other pieces of audio you might have that can be uploaded online in my direction. If you don’t happen to have a Soundcloud account, I can work out alternative ways of getting audio to me.

Recording packages start at £50 for a live demo.

Must dash. I’m off for the 4th cup of tea of the day. Slow start.



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