Bonny Billy & The Picket Line

Funtown Comedown

New arrival from this month and sounding excellent. Originally released in late 2009, now available on cassette.

I sold one of these this morning. I’m also working on the sound of a 3D printer.


Some cars going past on a quiet road.

Meanwhile, some audio I made of a 3D printer back in January is finally getting some overdue attention from me. 3D printers are musical.

3D Printer




A good couple of finds from Saturday

Saturday Swag


Mark Lanegan Band – Hit the City, with 2 B-sides. Some vocals from PJ Harvey on Hit the City. Incredible bass guitar sound. From the ever-excellent RPM Music in the Old George Yard.


Tom Waits – Asylum Years. I found half a dozen Tom Waits songs on a old tape that a friend had made me back in the 90s and decided it was about bloody time I got a full album. From JG Windows in the central arcade in town, because I was browsing through some percussion instruments as well. I’m thinking of getting a cabasa, some large claves and a shekere, for anyone interested. I’m reminded of this clip from the Coffee and Cigarettes film as well. No idea how I stumbled upon it, but it’s very entertaining:



It works again! My 1990s vintage SPL ProMIKE dual preamp.



The 48v phantom power wasn’t working on channel 1 of this little (standard 1U rack size) beauty. Thankfully, I didn’t try to repair it myself, once I’d worked out what was going on. I have what I think is a healthy fear of soldering irons and idiots such as me tinkering with PCBs and the like.

I went along to MAC Electronics over in Jarrow ( and for a very reasonable fee, they fixed up the corrosion in its poor innards, straightened out the voltage problem and gave it a jolly good servicing.

It sounds crisp, clean, full and lovely; ready to go on the next recording sessions with these guys in July:

Or indeed anything else in between.



A cow traffic jam. Kuhstau.


Here’s a recording I made last year whilst visiting Bavaria and my dear friend Lisa. Amazing enough to see her and her 2 remarkable children again, this was another highlight of which I’d been notified in advance; I was ready and waiting to dash outside at a few seconds notice to catch the morning herd through the village.

I don’t know what I was expecting but the farmer was on a bicycle. Perhaps I envisaged a quad bike or something.

Kuhstau is Lisa’s word for it and I like it. You can’t rush the herd, so anyone on their way to work or the shops or wherever will just have to wait while they get where they’re going. I think it’s a brilliant sound, the cowbell when it’s actually suspended from a cow, or even better, a whole street full of them.



This is a nice tumblr.

Makes you wonder, really.

For example, imagine the heat coming from this entire wall of rack:


Meanwhile, just not symmetrical enough. A nice try though:


Finally, I don’t know what that monitor is for at the top left, looking for all the world like ms-dos kernel panic or summink, but I like it:


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