New field recording album “Temporale – Concerto No 1 in B Flat Minor”

Here is my third field recording release, now available to buy/stream/admire on Bandcamp. An immense thunderstorm, more likely two passing near each other given the direction of blasts from the cloud, arrived during a trip to Koločep, one of the Elaphiti Islands off the coast of Croatia.

As hotel staff were strapping down anything that might be washed into the sea, I was reaching for some recording equipment. With a little patience and concentration, I was able to record about 35 minutes’ of weather at one of its more violent extremes and the result is here, moulded into three parts. During editing, it became clear that the audio naturally divided itself, leaving approximate segments and I was reminded of the structure of a concerto. The pace of the first 8 or 9 minutes felt quicker than the next, which in itself slowed into a final conclusion, something approaching a Wagnerian Liebestod.

Thusly, I have assembled a concerto in three movements – the Allegretto that introduces the rain and thunder, the Adagio, with its more leisurely tempo and finally the Largo, unfolding to its hushed elegy as the storm dies away. The key B♭ Minor seemed to correspond most closely to the periodically sorrowful tone.


The sound of a Beamish tram ride in under 5 minutes

From a couple of months ago, here is the sound of the tram ride at Beamish, from just behind the main front entrance building down to the Town area. Barring the inclusion of employees and volunteers on the radio to each other, the ringtone of a mobile phone and me sat inside with a handheld digital recorder, there are plenty of elements here that could be many decades old.

Tram 196, on which this was captured, was originally a Portuguese one built in 1935 from an early 1900s US design, repainted and now happily chiming and trundling its way around the living museum of the north.

[Full sound also available to buy on the stock media marketplace Pond5:]

Equipment hire prices now available. Get a deal. Record things. Things are great.

Here are my new hire rates for a selection of my recording gear.

Discounts available, of course, and my hire contract is only 2 pages long. I’m not a monster.


BBC Records Essential Sound Effects double LP

Essential Sound Effects 1An object of wondrous beauty and faintly wistful nostalgia, this has been occupying my ear holes this morning and afternoon. Released in 1982 with catalogue number REFX 448, it is a double LP that I picked up from RPM Music the other weekend. While I was busy looking in the folk section for some more Steeleye Span or Pentangle, my amazing and resourceful girlfriend found this absolute gem a few racks over.

2015-07-08 12.28.15 2015-07-08 12.28.34 2015-07-08 12.29.12 2015-07-08 12.29.26There’s also some fantastic detail on the sleeve about Super 8, 16mm, sound on your film’s magnetic strip, and being able to achieve much more with recordings like this than simply creating instrinsic pictures in sound.

Like I say, a gem.

Editing time

Editing time. Field recordings today. In no particular order*
1. Footsteps in the Finnish snow.
2. The Pallas-Yllästunturi national park.
3. The tram ride at Beamish museum.
4. Outside Nishta restaurant in Dubrovnik.
5. Extra big and beautiful thunderstorm at Koločep, Croatia.
6. Birdsong from living room window, Corbridge.

(*don’t be daft, of course they’re in order – chronological)

Home editing suite

Seaside and Gulls sound effect

I sold one of these the other day, part of my collection of sounds that are available to buy on Pond5. It’s had 400 hundred or so plays on Soundcloud, but I have to say, it is quite gratifying to think that someone parted with actual Earth Money for it.

It was recorded roughly here, in the north west highlands of Scotland. Beautifully and heartbreakingly enough, Wester Ross was one of the most favourite places in the world for my girlfriend’s dad, who is greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Ordering up some more CDs for Chris James & Martin Fletcher soon.

Chris Martin EP ArtworkAnother 100 or so of these will be on order soon, most having been sold at Chris and Martin’s gigs over the last 10 or 11 months. The digital version is available to listen and buy here:

To give an idea, 200 CDs plus digital copies of all songs in whatever format required, along with the recording, mixing and mastering of a collection like this comes to something between £350 and £500.

Meanwhile, Martin, Chris, Finn McArdle on percussion and Paul White on bass are in the middle of working on a follow-up 7 track EP as well, my mixing and mastering of which is coming along very well. You can find a preview of this next release here:

Over on YouTube there’s also a selection of videos from one of the recording sessions HERE.

With the addition of some impressively gifted percussion and bass parts, they have arrived at an exceptional and warm sound.