Editing time

Editing time. Field recordings today. In no particular order*
1. Footsteps in the Finnish snow.
2. The Pallas-Yllästunturi national park.
3. The tram ride at Beamish museum.
4. Outside Nishta restaurant in Dubrovnik.
5. Extra big and beautiful thunderstorm at Koločep, Croatia.
6. Birdsong from living room window, Corbridge.

(*don’t be daft, of course they’re in order – chronological)

Home editing suite

Seaside and Gulls sound effect

I sold one of these the other day, part of my collection of sounds that are available to buy on Pond5. It’s had 400 hundred or so plays on Soundcloud, but I have to say, it is quite gratifying to think that someone parted with actual Earth Money for it.

It was recorded roughly here, in the north west highlands of Scotland. Beautifully and heartbreakingly enough, Wester Ross was one of the most favourite places in the world for my girlfriend’s dad, who is greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Ordering up some more CDs for Chris James & Martin Fletcher soon.

Chris Martin EP ArtworkAnother 100 or so of these will be on order soon, most having been sold at Chris and Martin’s gigs over the last 10 or 11 months. The digital version is available to listen and buy here:

To give an idea, 200 CDs plus digital copies of all songs in whatever format required, along with the recording, mixing and mastering of a collection like this comes to something between £350 and £500.

Meanwhile, Martin, Chris, Finn McArdle on percussion and Paul White on bass are in the middle of working on a follow-up 7 track EP as well, my mixing and mastering of which is coming along very well. You can find a preview of this next release here:

Over on YouTube there’s also a selection of videos from one of the recording sessions HERE.

With the addition of some impressively gifted percussion and bass parts, they have arrived at an exceptional and warm sound.

It’s folk prog rock time (nearly 5.15pm).

The Constant Pageant I just noticed that the album is dedicated to the memory of Don Van Vliet.

I’m having a microphone shootout – Neumann TLM103 and a modded Oktava MK319

Mic shootoutI collected my Oktava MK319 from the post office this morning. It’s in fantastic condition and has the original Russian booklet with its distinctive, bespoke frequency chart. Of course, it has been modified, so the spec will be different as a result, but there’s a deal of reassurance to be had from its authenticity.

I’ve got the mic capsules as close together as I can, hoping to stage this comparison on as an even a playing field as I can.

A little spoken word and perhaps a strum or two on a guitar and I’m hoping to be able to hear some pleasing characteristics, reviews and discussion of which have brought me to the Oktava purchase in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my Neumann TLM103. Perhaps though, this new (old, from 2006 as far as I can gather) arrival might take precendence.

Naturally, I shall only be pressing ‘Record’ after I’ve had another cup of tea.

Something a little different, sort of.


One of my lino print creations, now installed and looking very content on a wall. This was a gift for my dad and I think he likes it. I find that more than half the battle of sketching or printing an idea is the tangled matter of subject. Of what content should something like this consist? Having settled on a picture I took during a walk in the woods roughly here, it was then a case of reducing some detail and picking out a favoured composition that I could feasibly cut into lino.

I’m pleased with some of the texture that hints at the consistency of bark on a fir tree.

I did imply that this post was to chat about something a little different from microphones, preamps, recording, or LPs I’ve bought and now that I’m nearing a conclusion, I feel slightly bereft. Thusly, here is a gratuitous shot of a microphone I have on the way from a very helpful bunch in central Germany: http://www.rauschenbergstudio.com/AudioConsulting/

Oktava MK319It’s a used one and has been modified, so I’m very much looking forward to hearing what it can do.


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